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ITTF Foundation Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Supporting the Ukraine Table Tennis community, the ITTF Foundation has activated the Emergency Relief Fund and drives the measures taken by the ITTF Group in cooperation with the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU).

Photo credits: Saša Dragaš: head coach Para Table Tennis Slovakia

The ITTF Foundation has been monitoring the situation to make sure no one is left behind. Several Ukrainian players have been contacted and a support to them is being planned, including:

  • Para table tennis players who fled from Ukraine and are currently taking refuge in a table tennis training centre in Prievidza, Slovakia.

  • Individual athletes that fled from Ukraine to various European destinations.

Further actions will be taken to support the upcoming and spontaneous needs of those affected by the current ordeal in Ukraine. The ITTF Foundation also ensures its communication channels remain open for the table tennis community to receive actions of solidarity and requests for support.

The ITTF Foundation encourage all ITTF Member Associations to join our quest in supporting solidarity with the Ukraine table tennis community. We also call upon the worldwide table tennis community for your empathy and support, for unity is strength, together we are stronger.

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