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ITTF Foundation Supports Refugees from Ukraine in Leipzig, Germany

A total of 220 winter jackets, 30 table tennis rackets, and 288 table tennis balls have arrived in the Erstaufnahmeeinrichtungen (Initial reception facility) in the city of Leipzig, Germany, for those who fled Ukraine to seek refuge.

The city of Leipzig in Germany is not only the home to the ITTF Foundation headquarters but also the temporary (or permanent) shelter for those who have fled Ukraine due to war. Through the local organisation, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., Regionalverband Leipzig/Nordsachsen, We are relieved to see that our donation has landed in the hands of those in need.

"The ITTF Foundation is very concerned about the current situation in Ukraine. Ping Pong Diplomacy has been at the heart of our sport for more than half a century. We strongly encourage peaceful and constructive dialogues to resolve disputes and conflicts." - Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director.

To stand in solidarity with Ukraine, we have been monitoring the situation and have taken various measures to ensure no one is left behind and to offer support where possible through:

  • Emergency Relief Fund activation

  • Ukrainian Table Tennis Federation

  • ITTF Member Association activation

We encourage all individuals and the worldwide table tennis community to act accordingly and offer your help where you see it fits.

We hope for a rapid return to peace.

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